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The Abundance of a Sacred Fund

--by omtaratutare, posted Mar 29, 2009
Last year, I received a satchel of money on the front steps at my home. When that money arrived, I actually was out of town but my family called me and said that there was a lot of money left at the front door with a note.  When, I returned home I was touched most by the note, which read, "Thank you for all you do for the world." As I have shared on, I immediately placed all of this money into my sacred fund which keeps coming back to me again and again. All of the work I do which bring gifts of monetary value immediately goes into a fund in my home. This has enabled me to grow the initial gift from the universe of $1000 and I have attracted and given back at least two to three times this. The abundance just keeps going out to the world and keeps coming back to me. The actual amount is irrelevant to me---it is more important for me to keep the cycle going.

Initially, I quickly distributed some to the funds to a local charity, passing it on to kids selling candy. I put $200 dollars under a sleeping homeless person's head; I bought a friend a necklace that she could not afford and gifted it to her anonymously; I paid for a group of ten do-gooders' dinner; I paid for a friend's ticket to Los Angeles; and I gifted some friends to enjoy some activities while we were on vacation. Then, a few weeks ago, my friend's boyfriend had an invitation to have dinner with an accomplished photographer and knew he would need at least $100 dollars to dine with him. He did not have the money but I knew it was important for him to go out with this photographer to connect and receive information and ideas from him. So, I gifted him the money asking him to pay-it-forward. The lesson for him was really about learning to receive because he did not want a hand out. After giving to him, I decided to pay attention at what was sent back to me and recognize the abundance in all shapes and sizes.
The next day, I was heading to Italy and upon my arrival, I had to jump on a train to Rome. I had this yoga bag filled with 3 mats and my flute, a hand carved Native American flute, I use it to bring people out of meditation. It has a very special place in my heart and was made with a lot of love. I had secured it to my luggage and left it parked by other bags on the train. Now, everyone has warned me of the thieves on the trains but I really do not like to feed into that negative energy. I always trust that which I am supposed to have with me will stay with me. After a wonderful talk with a young girl from China, we arrived in Rome, as I was leaving I noticed my bag had been moved and the yoga bag was no longer attached to the bag. My friends were relying on those mats for the next week during our yoga retreat. I knew I could do without and I realized that the universe had given me my wish: I had wished my  load was going to be lighter while I traveled through Italy. I was actually already feeling too weighed down by that extra bag. I also knew that my flute which had to be the draw, not three used yoga mats, would soon find itself in someone's hands who would make beautiful melodies with it. As for the person that took the bag, he must have needed some money and I hoped they would make the money they needed by selling my stuff or better yet, start practicing yoga. Right there I noticed I had received the first gift of a lighter load which would help me shortly after departing the train.

As soon as I exited the hustling terminal, I was greeted by a bright-eyed cab driver. The cab driver told me that I would not be able to walk to the hostel where I was going to meet my friend. Acknowledging that the streets were filled with Italian chaos, I decided to trust and jumped into the taxi. I was very grateful as I quickly remembered how busy the streets of Rome are. Second gift--received a ride from a kind Italian man, he saved me a lot of potential frustration. Next, upon arrival at the hostel, Krista informed me that we were being moved across town back where I had come from to another hostel.  I was really thankful I had one less thing to carry since we had to climb many flights of stairs. At the second hostel, they told us they were full. We were waiting with another gentleman who was experiencing the same situation as we were. He was given the last room but we decided to wait in hopes that something would turn up. After waiting for about 15 minutes the gentleman said, "We are going to move you across the street. I will help you with your bag." Third and fourth gifts, a room across the street and a man willing to lug my big bag for me.  I was feeling very abundant and we were graciously put into a room with three other people. We quickly deposited our goods and headed out for dinner. Krista and I found this amazing Italian café and indulged in our first Italian meal together in Rome with a charming waiter at our service. He was so sweet to drive Krista and I back to our hostel that night. Fifth gift, free cab ride!
Finally, I must acknowledge the gifts kept coming during my entire trip in Italy, down to the universe creating enough space and time for me to leave my hotel in Rome at 8.20am to make a flight at 9.40 am at an airport that is a 40-50 minute drive outside the city. I even had to check my heavy bag and go through customs. They also should have charged me for my heavy bag but since I was late she said there was no time for me to pay. Sixth and Seventh gifts---made my flight and saved 50 Euro. All of these gifts do not have a specific value but if I put a value on any of them they would far exceed the 100 dollars I had given away. These gifts did not appear in an obvious manner. However, I recognized them every step of the way. When I returned from Italy, I received more money which has been added to my secret fund and I am ready to continue paying it forward. The saga continues as free economy continues to flourish in my little abode near the shore of Long Beach.

May you all continue to recognize how abundant the universe is and continue to PAY IT FORWARD!
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lovebug wrote: Little human minds and meant to think big things. The abundance of pausing is graceful.
Rajni wrote: You just proved the famous Quote by St. Francis of Assisi: “For it is in giving that we receive.”
omtara wrote: All of your reads and comments have inspired to do something with this. Thank you! Omtara
Adina Ba wrote: Nice website, thanks for sharing, i agree with you about this.
Lalit wrote: You are a truly abundant spirit and the universe supports you because of who you are. For me personally it is an affirmation i am on right track in my life. Thank you.
bluebell wrote: Om tara, blessed tara, thank you for your amazing story of love and sharing. Love and light, bluebell
liztree wrote: So many people ask for a better world. You have proven that all we need is the proper perspective to see we already have it.
Sanyogita wrote: Ur just an angel helping out the one in need. Ur great source of inspiration.
vidhu wrote: Thanks for sharing the beautiful story. It reminded me that i should also keep some secret fund to help people and ask them to pay it forward so that the world is filled with virtues and their is abundance.
F.Asaduzzaman wrote: Dear sirs
Could you please let us know the funding status for ngos in bangladesh. We would like to work for poor patients in bangladesh.

Kind regards


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