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A Few Kind Words

--by kiwicat, posted Oct 30, 2016
My son and I went out for coffee this morning, and had nice coffee and a muffin. My son initiated conversation with a man sitting next to us. I was very surprised, my son is not really very outgoing with people he doesnt know. When the man had left, my son said "he looked lonely" I am proud of my son.
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ilariafarulli wrote: So sensitive.
mnc_91 wrote: Sensitive kindness :-)
Novice50 wrote: Learning from mom :)
brindlegirl wrote: I am proud of your son!!!! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing Kiwicat xox
RoseMarie wrote: So beautiful kiwi and even more precious since you two were savouring your precious time together x
melnotes wrote: Sounds like you have been a great role model for him kiwicat! Reminds me of my daughter who offered a couple her seat on the airport bus recently when we travelled, made me feel very proud too!
Painiacs wrote: What a great son! I know how difficult that must of been for him as I am the sameme way.. good for him!! :)
Rajni wrote: Thanks for inspiring us to use kind words. “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is to share these kind words daily with family members. Positive words can influence your household and teach your children and family members how to use kind words to impact the world.
shirishabhatnaga wrote: Just glad to know that you are encouraging your son to be himself. :) :) :)

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