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--by cyctw, posted
Look what I received in the mail today! I've been kindsprung by a fellow kindspringer:). A few were made by dear Jeramiah, who recently transitioned into his next life. Others were made by his caring, beautiful and thoughtful mother, known to us as painiacs:). I will be looking to find a permanent home for these. What a joyous way to remember and honor Jeramiah!

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Painiacs wrote: Thanks to mindyjourney showing me how to make the doves though kind of rough looking!! :)
Thank you everyone Jeramiah was a member but never posted all the wonderful things he did, so many we never knew until he was gone. Some we are still finding out!! He was a true kindspring role model, did without being recognized and with love...
splain wrote: I think it is so lovely of her to send these to you. It must be such a tough time for her. She knows these are going to a good home
kiwicat wrote: Thats fantastic. Im sad I missed the news about Jeramiah's passing.
Mish wrote: Such a special gift
AndiCas wrote: '' Kindsprung '' that's such a good term :)
123ABCD wrote: Wow. Doesn't it make you feel so great?
leoladyc728 wrote: I don't think I know who Jeramiah was, but that was a wonderful gift you got.
mindyjourney wrote: How wonderful to receive such a loving package of kindness...see some doves by painiac there too <3
kjoyw wrote: How very special all thes are! And I kus love that term "kindsprung"!

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