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Comforting a Mother in the Chemo Room

--by rainflower, posted Apr 15, 2009

Yesterday I was in the chemo room where my husband is getting treatments. There, in a bed in a row across from us, was a young woman who looked so sad. Her husband was there with her for a while then I noticed he had left.

My husband was napping so I went over and talked to her.  I found out she had ovarian cancer, she has a 12 year-old son who is afraid his mother is going to die and is worried about her husband. I comforted her as best I knew how. Her husband came back with lunch so I asked if I could give her a hug and did so then went back to my husband..I felt I made her day just a bit better.

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payitforward wrote: Its so touching. I just joined tghis website and posted something about mother. I lost my mom when i was 12. She died of ovarian cancer! . I iwhs i could vsist this lady and just hug her.
lindsgran wrote: What a beautiful thing you did rainflower,sending you a great big scottish hug, because you are so caring
wayfarer wrote: That was a HUGe thing you did, Rainflower! It takes a big heart to care for not only your loved ones but complete strangers as well! Very well done!
lovebug wrote: That hug could have given her courage, and hope, with those two attitudes we can conqour the world. God Bless you honey
bhappy wrote: Rainflower, Thank You for having such a kind heart for others ...Hugs mean so much...Here's a big Panda bear hug for you...Have a Blessed day..Becki
babylion wrote: Funny that I read this story after I posted mine. You did make her feel better, thank you.

JuneBug wrote: Spread the love...And you did! God bless you and yours! :)
wotserface wrote: What a beautiful and selfless thing, to give someone that warmth in a hug that will last a lifetime. You are indeed an angel X
AURELIA wrote: I believe you gave her the gifts of comfort and hope. Sometimes we keep things bottled up inside and can't share our feelings with those we love because we are afraid of causing them pain. You were the listening ear she needed. Thank you for being brave and kind. :0) May you too find peace and contentment soon. :0) ~Aurelia
PayingForward wrote: Sometimes ... no matter how difficult the situation ... it's nice to know that someone cares about what we're going through. God bless you for your kindness. :)

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