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A Smile for a Girl With No Friends

--by wiked_kicken, posted Apr 18, 2009

Hello to all kind doers out there.

I go to school and have extremely nice teachers. I brought my smile cards to share out with people I thought would enjoy the warmth of this website, so I handed up my homework along with a smile card and a note saying, "Hope and kindess. Hop on and share it along with feel it". I never saw the teachers read it but I knew they would appreciate it!

I only had a few smile cards so I couldn't share with every teacher so I gave it to as many as i could but I felt like I just needed to save one so just in case I saved two.

My last lesson was Sose and I have it with a bunch of my friends.  One girl has not got many friends, so I always am nice to her and chat and invite her to be in groups with us.  She was all on her own walking out at the home bell and I felt the card in my pocket and knew that was why I keept it.  I asked her if she had internet (if she didn't I still would have given her the card because she loves smiles).  She told me she did have internet so I gave it to her and said, "This is because I know you will appreciate this website -- love the kindness."

When we were at our lockers I peeped to hers and she was reading it with a big smile and that made my day!

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a.b. wrote: This story is cute! It reminds me of me.
onefish2fish wrote: that is a great thing you've done! Smiles are contagious keep them going!
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is very nice of you! I am sure they made more of a difference than you even konw!
cricket405 wrote: Thank you, Wiked,
You certainly made me smile:)
lovebug wrote: From what I see on this computer screen I see no other comments, no I don't think I am alone, that could be my big mistake in life, I never feel that I am alone.

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