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An Experiment in Peace

--by Chifundo, posted Apr 19, 2009

 A while ago I was taught the importance of positive thinking and manifesting warm thoughts into the universe by my auntie, a very wonderful woman. She taught me the importance of creating space for ourselves daily and channeling postivity into the world as a form of healing. I found it not just inspiring but of practical daily value, so I thought I would share the blessing of the peace exercise with you. 

Every morning when I wake up, I take a few moments to write down in three things for which I am grateful for in my ocean blue spiral notebook. I then spend five minutes or so looking through my window toward the sunlight of our world and I breathe "peace" in and out of me with each inhalation and exhalation. I concentrate on the rhythm of my heartbeats, and keep the pace of my breath gradual as I release peaceful, happy vibrations into the universe.

After a day of life experiences and before I take rest,  I remind myself of the three 'thankyous' from my morning list and I tack onto the list, three additional acts for others I did that day, so that I rise in the world and say 'good night' to the world with kindness. I repeat my peaceful breathing for five minutes and fall asleep in love with the world.

The best part of this is that even on those particularly trying days when I feel rotten and the media seems to fuel my negative mood with ghastly images of violence and destruction in the world, I can refer to my notebook to transform my mental state. I just peruse my 6 item list for the day and reconnect with the happy peaceful feelings. Through this exercise, I send out healing vibes not only to myself but to the world around me, including those suffering on the nightly news who are halfway around the globe, and those next door who may be having a rough work day or a struggling to successfully raise their teenager. It's an experiment in peaceful living that I hope catches on to those near and far away from me. 

Now it's your turn to try and so I challenge you to experiment with peace today.

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pat wrote: Thank you so much for this suggestion. Sounds easy enough to copy. I will put a little notebook and pen beside my bed right now.
a.b. wrote: Your aunt sounds like my mom!
tricilla wrote: It is very good!
warmth wrote: awesome, thank u for sharing ur techniques :)
JuneBug wrote: Very good idea! Thank you for sharing it with us! :)
sethi wrote: It is great! First be happy inside of you meditate and then send the happiness into the universe. Thoughts are very powerful.Thanks for the post!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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