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There's No Charge- Today ...

--by lt33, posted
There's no charge- today I decided I was gonna have a me day so I went to the mall. I went to Chick Fil A for lunch and went up to a young guy cashier named Cramer to pay for my meal. He told me the total , and as I was handing him $10, he said "That's ok,there's no charge!"

I was confused for a second then figured it out -wow he's paying it forward! I've done raok acts for people + now it's happening to me! I needed that - I haven't been feeling great and  it was a nice surprise. After I collected my thoughts I told Cramer "thank you sooo much."

I was able to pay it forward a little bit at my next stop, when I was using me retailmenot app. A woman behind me asked about it and while I saw she was waiting for it to upload, I went to the cashier next to her and used mine - she got 50% off too.

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mindyjourney wrote: So nice to hear that you where recipient of kindness, my friend :))). You so deserve! And thank you for helping w/coupon too!
Mish wrote: Full of kind!! Beautiful 👍
savraj wrote: Lovely day of kindness! It's so nice to receive too!
kjoyw wrote: Just simply wonderful!
leoladyc728 wrote: great day of kindness all around
AndiCas wrote: kindnesses given and received. what a great day.

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