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Being Kind to One Another

--by lewski711, posted Nov 11, 2016
I went to the grocery store today and saw a very young couple holding a sign: "Please Help. Don't need rent money, just food for our family."

So, I asked what I can buy for them. The young woman spoke in a strong accent I didn't recognize, "Sandwich, please."

I asked if she wanted fruit and what kind of sandwich. Through hand gestures, she asked if she could come with me.

So, she accompanied me inside the store. I bought her tomatoes and a chicken breast sandwich.

She started speaking to me in Spanish and I learned that the two were Yugoslavian, and she knew some Spanish/Portuguese/Italian. Her Spanish was better than her English, and my Spanish was better than my Yugoslavian.

I finished my shopping and delivered the tomatoes and sandwich to the couple who had been collecting other grocery items that I would guess were donated.

They thanked me and said, "God bless you."

I don't always do this, but this reminds me that I should more often.
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miller wrote: Thank you for your lovely story.
sandra wrote: Wonderful act of kindness - blessings to both you and the family you helped. I've been dubious of requests for money, and once a man held a sign 'hungry, will work for food'. It could have made me bitter when i drove straight to food purchase of a burger, fries, and drink and then watched the man throw the entire unopened sack into the bushes as i drove away. I could have surmised that he only really wanted money. Stories like yours that have a positive message encourage me not to turn a blind eye or stop hearing those requests for food. It could feed the soul. Thanks for sharing your message of kindness.
Virginia Reeves wrote: This reminds me to send a grocery store gift card to a niece rather than cash to ensure she buys food.
Yoona wrote: I know that i am not the woman you'd helped, but i just want to say that i really appreciate it.
healingtree wrote: A beautiful gift, and to speak her 2nd language was such a great thing. I am sure it made her day and will be unforgettable. Little kindnesses are magnified in the mind of the receiver into a sign that the world is not quite so harsh and heartless as they feared. In turn, somehow they will make the world nicer for someone else.
trooper2 wrote: Goodonya, lewski777 for responding to your heart's desire to be kind. Smiles 4 the miles
kjoyw wrote: Marvelous kindness. A warm smile communicates so much and never needs any translation!
DANCE wrote: very kind of u
RoseMarie wrote: God bless indeed. X 💓
alisamom wrote: What a wonderful thing you did! thank you <3

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