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Beautifully Wrapped And Gifted With Love.

--by RoseMarie, posted

How beautiful does this gift look? The note too, isn't it beautiful? I received this in the post on way out the door to a funeral. I read the note and I want to share a few words from it because I want you to feel the love and warmth which oozed from it:

"Dearest Most Precious Rose-Marie

You are going to love this book!......I've always wanted this book myself but it never landed in my hands.and the years passed. Then only a few months ago I saw your KindSpring post and I was reminded again of the book. So I've searched for it and this time, found it! So its yours beautiful.......... With so much love I gift this. ....."

Isn't the wording just beautiful?  What a beautiful person she is!! I've said before that KindSpring gifts bring a love emanating from the gift. I get so excited when I receive gifts especially in the post but the love, warmth  and joy from looking at this gift and reading the note were in themselves so fulfilling that I was able to leave the gift unopened until later in the evening when I could savour the gift. The gift is Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue and I so love it!

I am touched by your beautiful, thoughtful and loving gift. You know who you are my dear friend, thank you, thank you thank you. I really look forward to referencing it and when I use it or look at it, I will have loving thoughts of you you sweet, sweet soul. X 

Readers Comments

mindyjourney wrote: What a lovely gift for and from a lovely kind friend! :)))))
Mish wrote: So much love here for you ❤️
Lilijourney wrote: 💕💞💕💗💞 just for loving you 😊
gardengal10 wrote: You deserve it!
brindlegirl wrote: Kind spring is so full of love xo
lt33 wrote: Wow the timing was amazing it came exactly when you needed it the most Doreen virtue books are so great enjoy..😊
leoladyc728 wrote: what a lovely note and gift you received. Just curious what is the name of the book?
DANCE wrote: how lovely!!!
kjoyw wrote: Full of love! 💗✨💗

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