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Baked Some Gratitude Cupcakes...

--by mindyjourney, posted
Baked some gratitude cupcakes last night :)).

One plate to give the library staff when I visit today to inquire about the next True Colors --West coloring meet.

One for Jenny's Floral as a thanks for tagging me and many others with flowers in the Petal It Forward campaign the other day.

And one plate for MisterMindy, who does so enjoy his sweets in the morning, plus  I'm so grateful he is feeling better!

Readers Comments

leoladyc728 wrote: what did the library say about the coloring circle? Are they still going to have it?
RoseMarie wrote: Glad Mr Mindy is feeling better and I'm sure the cupcake kindness will surely help x 💓
kjoyw wrote: So glad he is so improved. Deserves those cupcakes for all he has been through. And how yummy those cupcakes look! Recipients will be so happy to get them. Who would not be Pleased with this sweet, sweet gratitude?!?
Mish wrote: Wonderful news that MisterMindy is doing much better!! And yummy cupcake kindness!
DotMatrix wrote: Yummy kindness. 💕.
horsegirl21 wrote: they look yummy, I am sure they will be well received :)
Kindmyst wrote: You have a special recipe? They look delicious?
1sher wrote: How lovely! I do so enjoy baking and it really does make other happy- thank you!
kmbhai wrote: looking very tasty and decent. library staff will be very happy to get sweet kindness...

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