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This is How She Spends Quality Time With Her Aging Mother

--by GivingWarrior, posted Dec 1, 2016
I am feeling blessed to have my mom. I've been going on regular walks with my mom who is 75 years old. Spent most of her life in Vietnam under the rule of the communists whose husband was taken to prison for fighting with the South/American's side.

Each walk, she would tell me some great story; one recent story made me teary. When she was pregnant with me and my dad was not around, she was struggling to raise 4 kids on her own, and had no money. She had to go borrow money from a friend when her water broke. She had to get herself to the hospital in a crowded bus. She was abandoned by the nurses because she had no money to bribe them. She was not allowed to see me for days after I was born because I was 3 months premature. Again, she had no family members or friends to visit her and help her financially.

Due to the kind of labor requirements in her past workplace, my mom is very fragile and she getting massages. So I commit to give her one each week. I love my mom and this post is to all the awesome moms out there.
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RoseMarie wrote: Beautiful post, you are a great comfort to your mum too. X 💓
splain wrote: Such a beautiful post.
dotmatrix wrote: Those stories are precious. Maybe she'll let you save those. My dad was in WWII and I got to take care of him near the end of his life. That's when we grew really close. Thanks re your writing endeavor too. I'll check that out. ♥.
Lilijourney wrote: TedTalks with Brene Brown are so powerful :)
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful!
melnotes wrote: Thank you for sharing :)I love my mum too xxx
mindyjourney wrote: Amazing strength of your dear mother <3. thank you for being such a kind daughter :))
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for sharing your story

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