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Parking Lot Pandemonium

--by bettyyoungweber, posted Nov 13, 2016
I was trying to park in a very small lot in a business/medical complex. I could feel the constraints of space starting to grip my mind. I saw a space and glided into it with gratitude. HOWEVER, there was an elderly woman trying to park in a tiny space. She did it! Oops, she was too close to the next car to even open her door!

I wondered if I had taking the spot she planned to and hoped that was not the case. I was almost ready to move my car and give her my spot, but I spied upon another space. I showed her where it was, helped her maneuver out of that tiny slip of a parking space, and then camped out in front of the new space I had taken upon myself to reserve for her.

I knew I would probably be late to my appointment, but that did not matter. What matters is that we acknowledge and respect our seniors in a way that they deserve and in a way that is helpful and kind and loving. What a great day I had!
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photogirl886 wrote: Thank you for looking out for her. It makes me feel better that there are wonderful people out there that look out for our seniors. :)
Mish wrote: Thank you, Betty ❤️
kjoyw wrote: Thank you for being so kind and helping a senior. We seniors really appreciate that!
RoseMarie wrote: Good work, I'm sure she was grateful and these places always know we are a wee bit late due to parking constraints. X 💓
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for you parking lot kindness! Those tiny spots are so not easy :))
Lilijourney wrote: Thank you for your kindness
Annc wrote: That was a beautiful act of kindness. Thank you!
leoladyc728 wrote: thank for you for acknowledging seniors.

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