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12 Year Old Feeding The Homeless with '3 B's"

--by Mish, posted Dec 2, 2016

This Kid Has Helping the Homeless in the Bag!

At 12-years old, Braeden Mannering is already well on his way to running an empire! A 2013 win of Delaware’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge brought Braeden to the White House, where Michelle Obama asked the children at the event to think about how they could pay the experience forward. A few days later, on the drive back home, Braeden saw a homeless man in the rain. He had his parents stop so that he could give the man a bag of snacks. Braeden knew at that moment that this was how he wanted to pay it forward.

Since that day in July, 2013, Braeden has handed out over 8,000 bags to the homeless through his organization Brae’s Brown Bags, also known as 3B. These bags vary in contents, and include food, toiletries, and even a book for the kids’ bag. In addition to packing and distributing bags, Braeden travels the country, giving talks in schools to inspire other young people to help their communities. In his travels, he’s raised over $60,000 to expand his program. He also is a leader at the annual Delaware Hunger Conference, where he encourages kids to write to legislators and help pack bags, showing them how to make a difference.

This is a huge accomplishment, especially for someone his age. But, as he says,“Anyone can change the world, as long as you dream big.”

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Peace_Spirit wrote: Bless you.
Rajni wrote: Very nice inspiring boy. May god bless him with what it takes to bring his kindnedd 3b's to a higher level. May other youngsters get inspired by his raok, thanks for sharing.
RoseMarie wrote: Missed this post but it is great. I so love when children have big hearts for others. X 💓
Roe DePinto Naber wrote: You are a true ambassador of kindness braeden! God always gives to the giver so keep up the wonderful job you are doing as a good human being and ignite others to do it as well. Kindness needs to spread like wildfires! Thank you and my two characters of zealy and whubba, thank you too!
Virginia Reeves wrote: Braeden certainly proves that one person does make a difference. All those who pitch it and follow his example are to be commended as well. May he be a lesson for all of us to follow.
caverly wrote: Brilliant response to feeling compassion for those with needs for love. Brilliant execution - very inspiring. Bravo.
sandra wrote: 3b -small steps of kindness multiply by leaps and bounds. The kindness of this 12-year-old should put adults to shame, but jesus did say we should be like a child for such is the kingdom of heaven
kjoyw wrote: This is an amazing story! Love the he 3B's idea for the name. What a guy! Also, he is just adorable. So young to be doing so much for those in need.
mindyjourney wrote: Yay for 3B!!! Such kindness these youngers are rippling :))).
splain wrote: Oh what a spectacular young man.

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