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A Flourishing "Free" Market

--by ChakaRuna, posted Apr 26, 2009

We are a small town of less than 4,000 people in the mountains of Ecuador . Recently our new organic farmers cooperative started hosting one afternoon a week to exchange our produce and seeds among money changes hands.

As of this past week we started to lay our stuff on wooden tables set in a portal on the main square, we hold hands around the table to give thanks to our ancestors who used to do this in ancient times in this country, and we pray in thanks, either out loud or silently according to each one's own spiritual beliefs. Then comes the fun... each person around the table tells and shows what she brought.  Each one, in turn, goes around picking and taking what he NEEDS to either feed him/herself and family, and to add to their garden that which is missing.

This last Thursday was one such day and some town children saw us preparing the tables and asked what was going to happen. I told them in detail. Half an hour later, while we were in the midst of the "exchanges", two girls of about ten showed up with 6 lemons and one large camote and said "we don't put any chemicals on these" and placed them on our tables. They then picked and placed into their basket what they needed for their mom: 4 scallion, a small bunch of watercress, 2 lettuce, a few carrots, some swiss chard.

By the time we were cleaning up, two boys of about 12 walked by curiously looking at the remains of a party in a public space and asked what took place. I told them in detail and they said, "Trueque?! (Spanish word for barter) We learned about that in school...I'm gonna tell my mom for next week!"

We are planning on establishing this as a weekly routine in our town in order to spread the spirit of generosity and reciprocity. Whoever comes and does not have anything to contribute can still take if they need, as long as if/when the person returns eventually they will contribute something for someone within the group.

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Daren wrote: What a wonderful thing to see the new age of agape being manifested into living reality!
mommakat wrote: This story reminds me when times were simpler. People were always willing to help. Neighbors were always there when needed. We really need to try to get back to sharing and helping others. Especially with times as hard as they are now. It wouldn't hurt to share just one thing with someone who is less fortunate than us.
zhanglinghar wrote: Today,this article is my learning material. Thanks
ram wrote: It is wounderful experience after viewing the above massages. Thanks
Mtalii wrote: I love the story. An excellent way of propagating love and care. If only we could learn to care for the neighbor next door. God bless.
Gibson Bula Kelle wrote: I am extremely blessed by the way people are organised and if other communities will organize themselve in such a way,this world would have been a better place for all.
ines wrote: As your mother i am very happy that you and jose are sharing your knowledge, kindness and the gifts of the earth to grow more sharing; it is wonderful that children are active in the trueque--not for them but for their family; lots of potential for growth as the children grow in this environment. Love, mom
Brenda wrote: My heart warmed with this story of living thoughtfully, consciously, honorably and sharing that with all--how much our world grows with each endeavor like this. Thank you for sharing!
Susan Davis wrote: . And what lucia who wrote this doesn't tell you is that she and her husband jose are the huge hearts behind this whole project! . And flowfunding. Org was our original inspiration

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