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Kindness On The Underground

--by DANCE, posted Dec 10, 2016
On my way back from the city, I was in the underground. A couple with a young boy came in on one of the stops. The young man sitting opposite me got up and sat somewhere else. There were many seats free but no three seats together so he left his place so that the family could be together.

I reached for one of my little 'shine' cards (always carry some in my handbag together with the 'smile' cards) and I wrote at the back "you are kind, thank you". I gave it to the young man with a smile. He was a bit confused but said "thank you".

I noticed he kept it in his hands for a while while we traveled together in silence. Later before getting off the underground he came closer and with a bigger smile :-) said "thank you very much for this, have a lovely day"
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Bonnie wrote: What a great story! You were so kind and he was too.
pyronik wrote: maybe he had trouble reading, or was just shy & building up his nerve. I love the idea of your shine cards :-)
splain wrote: Ah you did well. Everyone loves to be appreciated and noticed. You could have started something wonderful in this young man
patjos wrote: Thank you so n
patjos wrote: ... much!
mindyjourney wrote: And that, my dear friend, is how we spread the kindness!! Thank you!!!!!
Mish wrote: Love this :)))
Rajni wrote: I know people love them and say thank you. While giving I remember spark/God within us is giving to the spark in the receiver. I am just an instrument.
Lilijourney wrote: What a lovely post 💞✨😊
savraj wrote: Beautiful!!! Well done friend!

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