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A Thanksgiving Tradition

--by alisamom, posted Nov 27, 2016
I'm starting to actually feel the "connect" that many here always talk about.

Today we went out for Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family (it's a new tradition. I don't like it, I'd prefer to cook but due to transportation problems that's just the best solution for now)

And, same as last year, I think that if the waiters have to spend their holiday working, then I'm going to tip them as much as I possibly can to express my appreciation, and I put the tip in a handmade thank you card and I write them a short message.

So that's what I did today. My husband gave the server the card and a few minutes later the server came over, and I saw his hands shake really bad. And he thanked us profusely and he said that holidays are traditionally "bad tip days" (he said because people go gift shopping right after) and that we had just made a major difference in his whole day.- A nice long conversation ensued for all the reasons why.

It was really nice.

It does bother me some people spend the money to go out to dinner, then go spend more money on gifts, and they don't have the few dollars it takes to give a proper tip? I didn't feel as if our tip (30%) was excessive, just big enough to let him know that we really appreciate his work today (if you're not in the US, a 20% tip is recommended here these days). Anyway, it felt good connecting with him, talking with him, and knowing we had made his day.

The only thing I forgot was a Mindy Peace Dove in the envelope, I had packed one on the way out the door but just forgot to add it to the card. Oh well, I'm sure it too will find the perfect home soon :)
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Readers Comments

Mish wrote: Showing appreciation and gratitude is a beautiful kindness. Well done by you . Bless.
melnotes wrote: What a wonderful feeling of connection in your kindness! On recent trip to Hawaii my daughters and I had our first experience of tipping, good to know what is expected as we were not always sure how much.
savraj wrote: Thankyou! Your very generous tip was surely appreciated! That's a great idea!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being so generous with the waitstaff :))). What a lovely connect!
kiwicat wrote: Nice kindness! Tipping isnt part of our culture. Like Mel, I find it difficult when in the USA knowng how much to tip, and tipping for average or poor service just seems strange. It was really good that yiur tip was appreciated.
gardengal10 wrote: I always feel sorry for service workers on holidays. You really made that servers day.

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