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Bringing More Love to Share

--by caverly, posted Dec 18, 2016
Our conscious community was devastated and deeply grieving with shock and horror Trump's victory. I felt their pain and wanted to offer healing and nurturing. 

I have always believed that no matter what the pain, conflict or suffering the SOLUTION is always MORE-LOVE. So I and some friends headed out to the crossroads of our village with Love-signs. We stood and greeted every car with our declaration of loving them and as they responded we shine back their joy; so many very dear 'embraces' and joyful smiles flourish.

WE are now week  #3 of our joyous More-Love Celebration  and 'OMGod' it has been constant ecstasy of love and joy.  We love every person child and dog that passes by and our heart's fill and overflow with their embrace. Almost everyone responds and embraces us with more love, smiles abd joy.

Wow! Imagine how your heart-energy feels when you get to Love and declare 400-500 lovers in 2-3 hours . So trans-formative and empowering.  I feel the thrill/exhilaration that my comrades experience perhaps for the first time in their lives. So blessed.  
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paolagast wrote: Thank you for your kind words! Many blessings g to you and yours! <3
ruhaani wrote: more love, more kindness!!!
patjos wrote: This sounds so truly wonderful - how the Light does shine! See it chase away the darkness with such ease? :))) I have been practising a simple Loving Kindness meditation for the past week, sharing it wiyth 2 of my children and even going as far as to deliver it as a guided meditation session today to 8 colleagues at work, the first time I have ever outright said that I was going to do one about Love. Well, I have felt so filled with kindness all wee, even walking around simply wishing, Love, Light and Truth to this person and Love Light and Truth to the next and so on and on and Yes, you are right it is so empowering, so transformative. :)))
caverly wrote: Yes , awesome ; it starts a river-of-flowing from our hearts . i so appreciate and celebrate your response . Question : did i get post to correct place , i wanted STORIES ? thanks
Rajni wrote: Very inspiring way to show love ALL. Have positive thinking about everything and positive results follows if 100% faith is there with belief. May God bless you all with your heart's desire.
caverly wrote: Yay . To actually DECLARE &EXPERIENCE Love with strangers . So empowering and strong and nurturing for all . We smile ceaselessly , can't help it :-}
Mish wrote: So needed.....MORE LOVE ❤️. Bless you all for doing.
leoladyc728 wrote: so wonderful what you are doing.
mindyjourney wrote: ((((Love)))))
kjoyw wrote: Yes, love, always more love.

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