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Unexpected Visitor

--by AndiCas, posted Dec 31, 2016
Life is never dull!
Last night we had a call from a neighbour to say that there was a foreign car parked up in the village, and was it someone heading to our project? We weren't expecting anyone, but my partner headed down to check they were OK.

 It was a single lady who said she was searching for somewhere but had decided to park overnight as visibility was low. She didn't want any help, so my partner told her where to find us if required and then came home.

So this morning I find a strange car in the driveway and she's wanting to use our toilet. No problem! I put the kettle on whilst she was busy and invited her in for a chat. Knowing we're lacking local shops etc. I checked if she'd had breakfast. So we sat down to chat, her equipped with porridge and tea, and it turns out she was heading to an off-grid project she'd heard about, somewhere about 60 km away. She'd been searching for about a week (!!!!!!) because she couldn't reach them by phone and had eventually been pointed in our direction by a bus driver who thought it might be us.

So it was actually us she was looking for last night but didn't realize it!
Anyway, cutting a long and complicated story short, it took me about 10 minutes on Facebook to provide her with a telephone number, map and grid coordinates for the project she was originally looking for by asking people I know in the area. Amazing how useful Facebook can be! I equipped her with a packet of porridge oats and a new umbrella, my telephone number in case of further difficulties, and she's back on the road. Like I said, life is never dull :)
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Lilijourney wrote: Thank you for your kindness to this weary traveler 🤗
mish wrote: Wow, she must be a hearty soul!! Thank you for enabling her. with your kindness, to continue on with her adventure!!
RoseMarie wrote: Lol poor lady kind of you to assist. X 💓
KiwiCat wrote: Have you heard of the story about the Good Samaritan? feed and clothe someone? You are both such kind and caring people. I'm sorry I had to laugh that she had been travelling around for a week looking for the project, wouldn't you ask for help after about the first... umm... hour!!!!
mindyjourney wrote: wow! life is indeed an adventure, my don't even have to anywhere, it just comes to you! :))) thank you for your level headed guidance and support! <3.
leoladyc728 wrote: you are living one interesting life. enjoy it all

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