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Angels At The Hy-Vee Grocery Store

--by michelelpurcel, posted Dec 20, 2016
I want to share a story that happened on the 23rd of November. The day before Thanksgiving. I received word that my good friend had passed away that morning. I had to go pick up a cake for my Thanksgiving dinner.

But my friend's parents (also good friends of mine) were heavy on my heart. I went to pick out a flower for them at the Hy-Vee grocery store that I had ordered my cake from. I had picked out some flowers but it really did not seem like the ones I wanted.

A young lady, Liz, came over and asked if I needed help. She asked if they were for my table. I told her about my friend and wanting to get flowers for her parents. Then of course I started crying. She was so kind and came around and gave me a hug. She helped me pick out a pretty flower and container and she put cat tails and a raffa bow on it. It was very pretty. She rang me out also so I wouldn't have to go through the long line,

When she came to the cake she said it looked delicious. So I had to talk her into making my heart happy by her and her friend working with her to eat a small piece of cake. They got me a knife and I cut them 2 pieces and gave them to them and of course a smile card. :) Thanks to Liz and the other angel in the flower shop at Hy-vee! :)
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sandyremillar wrote: Beautiful incident. Wishing the family peace in their hearts and a lovely welcome home to your friend that passed away.
mindyjourney wrote: Continued blessings of comfort, my friend <3. What a lovely compassionate connect at the Hyvee. The extra kindness is so very appreciated when we are tender in our grief. And thank you for sharing the cake <3.
splain wrote: Beautiful post, so caring. So sorry to hear about your friend passing. Big hug for you
Rajni wrote: Thanks for sharing. Your past kindness is returned to you. And your kin act of giving flowers to friend'd parents will be paid by kindness to you in future. Good deed.
Lilijourney wrote: Bless you :))
mish wrote: Open-hearted circle of kindness there. Beautiful .

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