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No Charge for a Charge

--by jaguarxk8s, posted Dec 27, 2016
I had stopped at a gas station the other day to fill up when I noticed a woman with 2 children standing outside her car with the hood open. She seemingly upset on her phone and appearing tearful. After I filled my tank, I walked by and asked if everything was ok. She explained to me that her car battery died and the kids' father does not get off of work for another 2 hours, and cannot be reached. I could have just expressed some empathy and walked away, but instead I mentioned that I had jumper cables and could give them a start.

I drove up next to her, popped the hood, connected the cables and while waiting for the charge gave her and the kids some bottled waters I'd kept in the car as the outside temperature was well over 100 degrees. I cranked the A/C and invited them in the car to cool down. I got her car to start and the young woman was in tears.

She told me that since moving here from Nevada, no one had shown her the kindness that she'd received today. I told her I was happy to help and that sometimes we all just need a little hand once in awhile. The young woman wanted to get my contact information to try and repay me. I told her the best thing she could do was pay it forward and not worry about any repayment. The kids gave me a big THANK YOU!! And they were on their way.
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RoseMarie wrote: Beautiful kindness thank you x 💓
kjoyw wrote: This is an absolutely wonderful story! What great kindness you showed her and her children!
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful cool kindness, my friend :). thank you for being that family's angel! <3.
Mish wrote: Very kind and beautiful. Bless x
splain wrote: Thank you for just being so thoughtful and kind. You sure changed her views about the people in Nevada.
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for being there for this woman and her children.
mnc_91 wrote: Gassing up on kindness 😊 Thank you 😊
AndiCas wrote: A great example of something which made a tremendous difference just at the cost of some time. thankyou.

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