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My Heart Went Out To Him

--by greenurlifenow, posted Jan 11, 2017
It's a sad reality that there are many homeless people in the city which I call home.

People huddled on the sidewalk, struggling to stay warm, with no shelter or food. As I got off the bus near my workplace this morning I saw someone who was sleeping on the sidewalk.

I went to the convenience store to grab something for my breakfast and I got a warm drink and a sandwich for the stranger in need. I left it by his side. I hope it was a nice surprise for him.
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michelelpurcel wrote: This is awesome. It may have given him a glimmer of hope. Thanks for caring and showing it. :)
splain wrote: You might have saved his life. Thank you for being so kind
healingtree wrote: This was a truly useful act if kindness. Thank you so much.
RoseMarie wrote: So sad. I bought a sandwich and drink for someone on the sidewalk one day. I bumped into a very good friend who is very Christian and she was very skeptical of the person. Sad. We must look out for each other, there for the grace of God goes I. Thank you x
Mish wrote: Bless you for caring and acting.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your kindness. I'm sure it was a wonderful surprise! :)))

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