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Female Judge Recognizes Male Suspect As Friend From 35 Years Ago, Does Unexpected Kindness Act

--by RoseMarie, posted Jan 3, 2017

What an unreal kindness. A female judge is trying a male suspect for petty theft and fleeing from the police. After hearing the case against the suspect the judge asks if he went to a specific school. He then recognizes her. It turns out Arthur Booth and Mindy Glazer  went to the same middle school 35 years beforehand. They played together and we're good friends. He then recognizes her.

The judge then does something unprecedented; sitting in her official role, she allows her heart to speak and she tells everyone what a good boy the suspect was when he was a child. He sobs hard. I've watched the online video and it's so moving.

What a kindness. This judge did not have to acknowledge that she even had an inkling who this guy was but instead she gives him a character reference in her court!

Something tells me this guy will never be on the wrong side of the law again.

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greenurlifenow wrote: Must have been fate. I hope it works out for him.

Thanks for sharing! :-)
the3jewels wrote: True bravery by the judge.
mindyjourney wrote: To be seen, really seen...<3
leoladyc728 wrote: she is one kind judge.
splain wrote: It is amazing how life goes. we just never know
melnotes wrote: Wow that's amazing and what a kind heart she has
Mish wrote: Divine intervention
kjoyw wrote: Totally amazing story!

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