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Take My Seat!

--by greenurlifenow, posted Jan 20, 2017
Sometimes we make think that a small act of kindness may not mean much to the recipient, so we may hesitate to do anything. Eg. Offering your seat to someone on a crowded bus or train going to or coming home from work. This morning, I offered to give my seat to someone who was standing. She did not take the seat, but I felt good for offering. You can never go wrong when you make an effort to spread good karma in the world.
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Annc wrote: So true!
mindyjourney wrote: Agree, my friend, when we reach out with kindness, it creates more <3. Whether accepted or not, the kindness is "released!"
splain wrote: Keep being kind even when people don't accept it. you never know what waves come from any kindness
AndiCas wrote: Offering is the thing. Thankyou.
leoladyc728 wrote: Since I have a bum knee and use a cane, I so appreciate people getting up to give me a seat. it doesn't always happen though.
Mish wrote: Offering your seat to someone in need is HUGE for them.

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