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A Dialogue with the Universe

--by sethi, posted May 8, 2009

Here is an exchange between myself and the universe that I thought would be a helpful transcript to share with all of you.

Question 1: What is most difficult in life?

My Answer: Discovering its purpose.

The Universe  Answers:  Don't look for purpose. You won't find it. Create your purpose. Purpose serves as a principle around which to organize your life. You should give meaning to life and not wait for life to give meaning.

Question 2: What is most challenging to deal with in life?

My Answer: Staying positive

The Universe Answers: Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday. It is not your position but your disposition that makes you happy or unhappy. If you are busy looking for gold, you miss the silver lining.

Question 3: What is hard to let go of in life?

My Answer: My ego.

The Universe Answers: Most of the shadows of your life are caused by standing in your own sunshine. The "Go" in Ego  is meant to let it go.

Question 4: What is hard to be convinced about in life?

My Answer: Adversity helps.

The Universe Answers: Problems are the price you pay for progress.Smooth areas do not create skilful sailors. The world gets you down to deep waters not to drown you in an abyss, but to cleanse you so you can rise up in freedom.

The Universe's Final Remarks to Me:   

Life is simple, but not easy. To understand the whole of life, just start by trying to live it in this moment.



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LOAS wrote: I love this. It reminded me of the book conversations with god (by neale donald walsh). It's nice to know that this is someone anyone can do. God is always listening and always answering us. The question is are we always listening for the answers?

redwine wrote: this is a very nice story. Im glad u belive in god. Thank you for commenting on my story. U seem like a very nice person. God Bless You.

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