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Her Leg Was Crushed But Her Spirit Soared to Newer Heights

--by BlissForgive, posted Jan 7, 2016
True Story: I was on my way to work on a two wheeler one day when a truck rammed into me and completely crushed my leg. It wasn’t the driver’s fault - there was a pillar which hindered his vision.

People around immediately took me to the hospital and even though it happened around 9:30 am I was only operated upon at 5:30 pm. The doctors tried to save my leg but after a few days it got infected and I had to be amputated. When the doctor told me, I asked him ‘why did you take so long? I knew for a while that this would happen.’

What got me through this whole ordeal is acceptance - that this is my fate, now I can either choose to cry about it or take it with a pinch of salt and push myself. I picked the latter. In fact, when people used to come to visit me in the hospital and get emotional — I would tell them jokes to make them laugh!

So I took the physiotherapy and began to learn how to walk all over again. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to play badminton which has been my passion since childhood — but somehow even while I was facing difficulty in walking, I could play.

I began winning corporate badminton tournaments, and on the suggestion of one of my amputee friends decided to try out at a National Level. I went on to win several medals at the National level and, this year I won Silver in the Para-Badminton World Championship held in England. I’ve trained for 5 hours a day, whilst juggling my job as a software engineer, almost completed my training in Scuba Diving and traveled pretty much all over India.

When people ask me, ‘how do you do so much?’ I just ask one question — ‘what’s stopping you?’" :) :)

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Life Flow wrote: What a heart-warming story, go woman! Even though my challenge is a recent cancer diagnosis, i feel a strong connection about remaining positive, accepting what is, and focusing on the best that i can do and be in each moment.
Virginia wrote: I am going to share this story with my brother who had his left foot and several inches below the knee
Removed due to a motorcycle accident. He's looking forward to getting his prosthesis soon and getting on with life. Best wishes to this young lady - she will continue to have success with her positive outlook and behavior.
Brahm wrote: Amazing lady with great determination. A role model and inspiration for every one. God bless her f and thanks for sharing this.
tsantospaula wrote: Yes, that is a good question. What is stopping me?
Peace_spirit wrote: Very inspirational. Acceptance of gods plan helps us back on the divine path. Easier said than done. Thank you for sharing your truely inspirational story
Rajni wrote: Your positive attitude is greatly appreciated. May others get inspired from it. When something has to happen in our life it happens. Our KARMA of past and past lives play a great role in our life. Positive Thinking all the time and working accordingly makes our life meaningful. I am very happy to learn that you shone in sports winning medals. We are proud of you. May God bless you with many more successes in your life.
Mish wrote: Thank you for sharing this girl's story.
splain wrote: Great story and really when you think of it, nothing is stopping us
RoseMarie wrote: You are a true inspiration bliss. I know how difficult it has been for me with my metal plate and knee surgery. Thanks for inspiration x 💓
leoladyc728 wrote: beautiful post. such inspiration from this young woman

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