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Bringing Back Neighbourly Kindness

--by wayfarer, posted May 7, 2009

My 25 year old daughter moved house yesterday. It wasn't a big move. Just around the corner, in fact. But she was moving from a flat to a house with a little garden so her son would have space to play.   The distance was probably too short to justify hiring a removals company, but it was long enough to make carrying all the stuff a real pain.

But we didn't have to. A neighbour offered the use of her Transit van. She reversed it up to my daughter's front door, then went home while we loaded it up. Then she came out, drove it to the new house and walked back home for a cuppa tea while we unloaded. Then she did it again. And again.

All offers of payment or petrol money was waved aside.  My daughter got her a big bunch of flowers later as a thank you.

Before I left, I stopped by the woman's house, just to thank her personally for being such a help to my daughter. Because she really didn't have to help. It's not like they were such close friends or anything.

"It's what neighbours do," she said.

"It's what neighbours USED to do," I said, a little wryly.

"Well, let's bring it back then," she smiled.

Wow! I'm in ...

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mommakat wrote: Your daughter is so fortunate to have such a kind neighbor. It would be so nice if all neighbors would act like this one did. That is how it used to be when i was young also. You could always count on your neighbors. I too am blessed with a nice couple who are my neighbors. I have never needed them for anything, but they've offered and just knowing they're there and willing to help if needed makes me feel great.
Mtalii wrote: I like your statement 'it's what neighbours used to do'pointing that pple used to do itbut have dropped and replaced it with 'everyone for his own' attitude. Am glad you both agreed to bring it back.

LOAS wrote: Yes, lets all bring that kind of neighborly attitude back! Love that.

GOgogo wrote: Good job! I am in as well.

JuneBug wrote: It's good to know your daughter and grandson have such a great neighbor...Yes, your right. They are far and few..Guess we should begin with ourselves, huh??? :)
AURELIA wrote: Thanks for the inspiration. Just when you think all you have but a bunch of strangers watching you everyday as you come and go about your business...someone warm hearted like that comes along and gives us faith in humankind. I am happy for your daughter and grandson! and THanks "Muscles" for being a caring dad. ~Aurelia
sathsath wrote: Wow

Wow!you are in.wayfarer

FairyBubbles wrote: Fantastic - I am sure the tide is turning.
butterfly wrote: she is very blessed to have a very kind lovely neighbour.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: How fortunate for your daughter to have such a kind neighbor. Knowing you, her neighbor is just as fortunate to have her there. She is right too, we can all "bring it back" if enough of us try. I'm in too!

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