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The Sweet Taste Of Reaching Out

--by petroskryf, posted Jan 14, 2017
This morning, while working on my manuscript, I suddenly got the urge to reach out to two people in the condominium where we live.
Recently I bought a huge glass bottle with delicious butter cookies, and I decided to fill two gift bags with some of these cookies -- and off I went.

Firstly, I gave one gift bag to the lady of the home owners' society who assists us with our water readings, and secondly I surprised the lady who recently moved in with another bag of cookies.

I realized again it's not necessary to give something huge -- but by giving small tokens of kindness, you give so much of yourself.
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splain wrote: Any gift no matter how small can make a difference.
Mish wrote: Yours is a beautiful, loving heart, Petro. That was LOVEly to do. Bless.
Rajni wrote: Gifts will be used/eaten up but the love with which we gave and how loved they feel in their heart will stay forever. Thanks for your inspirational post.
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful sharing
mindyjourney wrote: Manuscript?? :)))))))))))))))))). Wonderful to hear that working on it also inspires you to reach out with such sweet kindness <3.

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