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A Tin of Cookies for the Eco-Bus Driver

--by pat, posted May 20, 2009

Somebody on this site suggested giving anonymous cookies to the people who clear away our waste, and I found that a good idea. So this morning I baked my favourite Chocolate-chip-and-peanut cookies, filled a tin, wrote a Thank you card and had everything ready.

On Wednesdays, the so-called eco-bus stops in our street for 15 minutes so that people can bring their separated recyclable waste (cardboard, aluminium, tins, glass, plastic bottles and other plastics, batteries, styrofoam), and the two or three people working inside this bus are always so helpful, taking your bags to empty them into the appropriate containers.

So today I waited until there were some other people on the bus and the workers would not pay attention to me, I got on through the front door and simply put my tin of cookies with the card sellotaped on top of it on the little ledge by the windscreen, and went on to put my waste into the containers. I was so proud that nobody had noticed. I'd love to have seen the face of the driver when he sat down to drive on and found the tin.

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JuneBug wrote: That's so cute !!! I am like you, I rather not be seen. I think it adds to the fun and surprise !!! :)
Aurelia wrote: That's SUPER!!!! I'm sure they are going crazy trying to figure out who was the Angel that delivered such a yummy treat!
OperationSmileyF wrote: WOW, what a nice thing to do! I'm sure the driver was thrilled.

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