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From I to You

--by Anju73, posted May 21, 2009

I am free, like an angel

that opens her wings

I take on many forms

I laugh and listen

I am never far away

I am never gone at all

I am a friend, a good book

or a pink and golden sunset

I am a Mother's touch

And  a Father's helping hand

You know Me,

Because I am You

You are Me through and through

I am unconditional love

And You are too!


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Readers Comments

tony102903 wrote: This is amazing i’m speechless
iferlamb wrote: What a beautiful poem! Thank you!
FairyBubbles wrote: How lovely - I believe you are right.
vsoul wrote: Anju, I am experiencing these angelic things that u have written with my lil niece who has just come into my life from an orphanage. Angel bless u...vibha
Modestobob wrote: Love it Anju! Thank you for the uplift today! Hugs & 4 Smiles! ~ModestoBob~
JuneBug wrote: Beautiful, Anju! Thank you for sharing it ! :)
tressyanne wrote: it never ceases to amaze me all the wonderful things i have seen from all of you wonderful friends. I really enjoyed reading your post.
smiles to you
lovebug wrote: I would have to agree, I think you have found the truth.Thank you for sharing it.
AURELIA wrote: Really nice. Thank you for sharing. ~Aurelia

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