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Appreciating a Neighbor's Garden

--by akhileshwari.ram, posted May 22, 2009

I have discovered the joy of speaking to strangers and now that I have crossed the age of 50 there is less danger of being misunderstood. The best thing about it is seeing the surprise and happiness of others when they are addressed or are included in the sharing a thought. Invariably, one kind gesture is returned with more kindness.

During my morning walk one day, I noticed a bush in front of a house that had half-opened buds of my favorite flowers that reminded me of my childhood. I went close to the bush for a better look and noticed the house lady looking at me curiously. I smiled and told her that I loved the flowers for their fragrance. She reciprocated. “I plucked them all for my morning prayers. You can have some,” she offered. I was touched by her generosity and blessed her in my heart for making  my day. 

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JuneBug wrote: Another sweet post!! And what a great walk!!! :)
bhappy wrote: For me it's always a scent that reminds me of my child...The sweet scent of flowers! Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed and sunshine day...Becki
cabbage wrote: That is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
tressyanne wrote: very sweet.
smiles to you
tress :)

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