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Mother Gets The Help Of 'Kindness Elves' To Join Family Kindness Challenge!

--by penny4them, posted Dec 31, 2016

Hello Dear Ones, It's been a lovely season of Kindness at our home here in North Carolina. Inspired by a wonderful blog post I read years ago and of course all you amazing and inspiring good people of KindSpring, these little Elves appeared in my kitchen, asking for my children's help in bringing kindness challenges to life. 6 days of challenges building up to Christmas. My 7 year old son (also pictured) was super excited to share stories of the Kindness Elves, as he often wondered why Elf on the Shelf never visited our house. I told him, different houses have different magic... and different elves. 

Here are a few photos of the Kindness Elves posing to share their kindness and love. (They were living in a Target store for a while until they told me they wanted to visit my house, born in China of some very talented artists, I'm sure!) EnJOY and thank you ALL for the wonderful ideas of kindness and inspiration and for spreading so much goodness this past year. I am grateful to each and every one of you and send you love and wishes for blessings... that the kindness YOU live boomerang back to you... LOVEGLITTERBOOM! <3

my love,
becky and the kindness elves xo

First Challenge, make and deliver fudge to neighbors :)

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splain wrote: Penny I so loved and enjoy this post. What a delightful time you have had. Given me an idea. I am still smiling.
RoseMarie wrote: This is fantastic, I so love it. X 💓  your son looks like he enjoyed it too. X
mindyjourney wrote: What a fun challenge with those kindness elves! Thank you for sharing...oohh fudge!!! :))). What a sweet son <3. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Mish wrote: One word......((((AWESOME)))))
Lilijourney wrote: We are headed to NC tomorrow to see my son :)) Bringing you lots of appreciative kudos for this wonder of the Kindness Elves at your House :)))
lt33 wrote: You started an amazing family tradition for your kids what a great way to show to your kids how to practice kindness wishing u a happy holiday + a great new year full of happiness, love + kindness 😉💜💙
leoladyc728 wrote: those kindness elves are really bringing your family closer. thank you for doing this

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