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Transforming a Bill Into a Gift of Gratitude

--by mitu915, posted May 29, 2009

I got my bills for the month and you know what that usually feels like.  I just first looked at them sitting on my counter and pretended they didn't exist. I left them sealed in the envelope, untouched and abandoned. Yet, I still mentally kept track of when they most likely were due, so I didn't incur a late fee and compound the problem.

Today was the day I decided to pay my therapy bill since I was going to see my therapist. Instead of quickly scribbling down the check amount after analyzing the itemized break down of his billing rates to make sure there were no financial errors, I rushed out of my open front door into change.  While I still was in a hurry to make it to my 6:00pm appointment in downtown Palo Alto, I was hurrying to reach something new…

Inspired by the spirit of those Karma Kitchen cooks, I wrote the check for my therapist, but this time, I tacked an extra little hundred onto the payment, tucked the check into an envelope, left it with him after my appointment, and ran off, leaving him with a gift. The gift was not about the money, but the gratitude I felt for his sincerity in helping me improve how I live my life.

That, to me, is priceless.   :)
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smileswithhope wrote: What an open-hearted gesture! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring others to act from a space of abundance rather than scarcity. :)
Smiley wrote: Whether or not it is ethical for a professional to recieve such a gift it is the heart and sincerity of the giver that benefits from such generosity. A kind action here and there can become a habitual habit (whether big or small- it does not matter)and a habit of love and kindness is good habit to have indeed :)
hotcocoa wrote: Realyl nice thing you did :)
He might be wondering :) we wonder when we are surprise.

God bless you and thanks for sharing this story with us.

Its simple and sweet.
Cass wrote: While it may be unethical for the professional to accept such a gift. It was a gift, the therapist did not know it was there, also he could have tried to return it to mitu915 later, you never really know 'cause this appears to have been posted on the same day the gift was given.

Mitu915 that was a very wonderful thing you did. It is the thought that counts. That made it worth more than its face value. May your life be filled with joy and laughter!
warmth wrote: Absolutely marvelous, may u have a great superb life filled with positivity, laughter, happiness and bliss
Quiet storm wrote: It's unethical for a professional to be accepting a gift like that. Could have made him/her a crafted gift worth less.
JuneBug wrote: What a nice thing for you to do! I am sure it was well appreciated! :)

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