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My Most Peculiar Christmas Story Ever!!

--by AndiCas, posted Jan 21, 2017
Just before Christmas emergency services were searching the forest and mountains in our area for someone who had placed an emergency call after getting into difficulties. They called round to my house as the caller had spoken English and the local teams would potentially need help with translation.

Some hours later a young woman staggered past my window. Running out, it didn't take long to work out that it was she that they were searching for. I recognized her, having given her directions and some food about 3 weeks previously. I took her in and made tea and porridge whilst informing the police that she was safe.

It turned out that after she left here, she had been turned away by the people she was hoping to stay with and was on her way back here (myself being the only person in the country that she 'knew' following our last meeting!) when she got stuck in her car.

For some reason only she could explain, she stayed with the car for 22 days and had no food for 14 of those after the emergency supplies I'd given her last time we met ran out. When she started to get heart palpitations she called emergency services, but then managed to get her car going again and came here. When she arrived she was so weak from malnutrition and exposure that she could hardly stand, was making no sense, and had sores all over her face.

She was awfully scared of the police so I had to help them persuade her to go to hospital where she was kept in over night. The next day I helped her get back from hospital but she was still really weak and had nowhere to go and no money so she joined me and my family for Christmas.

I helped her to get the medication she was prescribed, contacted her mother back home, helped to organize some money, my husband checked over her car, and ultimately I was able to organize a longer term stay with a friend who would appreciate her help in exchange for more suitable accommodation than I was able to offer. She left last week with a pile of warm clothing I dug out. My most peculiar Christmas story ever!!
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Poetrybug wrote: Such amazing kindness! I bet she'll never forget you.
mindyjourney wrote: Wowzers! I remember when woman came to you for help the first time...what a lifesaver you are, my friend <3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! You have been a bit busy <3.
pyronik wrote: wow Andi, thank you for your kindness & help. & for being so memorable that she came & found you. Glad there's a happy ending.
Alisamom wrote: Wow andi, that it some story! I remember you posting about her before, that seems so long ago! To be stranded without food and help for that have shown such incredible kindness, they could almost make amovie out of it! You're awesome.
DANCE wrote: can't understand her story but you were incredibly kind!!!!
splain wrote: As WOW. You really saved her life. Good one Andrea. You were her angel.
kjoyw wrote: Really, this is what Christmas is truly all about! Sound like you were her Christmas miracle! Wonderful post.
kiwicat wrote: I'm glad there was a happy ending to the story and you could contact her family and find her somewhere to stay. You rock!
leoladyc728 wrote: What a story. So glad she felt safe enough and knew to come back to you. She is so lucky she survived her ordeal. You are truly an angel.

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