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This neighborly act of kindness came easy, because it came from the heart!

--by kiwicat, posted Feb 8, 2017
I went to help my elderly neighbor move some furniture as she is getting some kitchen renovations done. We packed up her things and sorted out the pantry. She then asked me if I wanted her solid oak table and a two door free standing cupboard. I said I don't have room for them, but they are lovely.

I suggested that if she didn't want them I could advertise them online for her, so I did. She didn't want any payment for the items, just that the people could move them themselves, and organize their own transport. She was worried about being alone with strangers, so I said I'd give the people my phone number, get them to text first, and I'd go over to her house and be there when they took the furniture away.

One man collected the cupboard and had a beautiful story about setting up homes for refugees, I'm not entirely sure I believe him, but anyway that's his to deal with. The table ended up being annoying as a person said they would pick it up, so I went to my neighbors and waited and phoned him and he said he had changed his mind.

My neighbor then phoned Salvation Army and they are picking the table and chairs up tomorrow... so it all has worked out perfectly.

My husband asked why I spent so long helping - taking photos, doing the advertisements online, answering phone calls, going around to the house and I said it was helping someone to do something I found easy, but she found incredibly overwhelming.
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pyronik wrote: I have those types of conversations with my husband ;-) because it's lovely furniture & I'd like to see it go to a good home, because I like to think that someone will help me when I'm in need, because I like helping people, because it's easy for me as you said. Thank you, from her, and from the people who got the furniture :-)
Rajni wrote: Your going extra mile will definitely inspire other KS friends. You did a great job, from start to end. Thanks for sharing.
RoseMarie wrote: Karma will return in abundance Ally. Thanks for all you do for others who need love and support x 💓
gardengal10 wrote: You just never know what your own circumstances will be in much later life. Wouldn't your husband want someone like you to help him should he be left alone? Thanks for helping in such a wonderful way.
Lilijourney wrote: This is inspirational and very well received by this young-in 🤗💗✨
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Bless you for your kindness in taking the time to help!
splain wrote: Ally you are just such a darling lady. So helpful and organized. She so needed you.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your extra effort in helping neighbor :)). To give of your time and effort is such a kindness, dear kiwi! thank you.
mnc_91 wrote: Thank you for helping her and for lending a strong hand where hers is weak :-)
healingtree wrote: a wonderful tale of giving freely of your time and effort. do unto others....besides, isn't it kind of marvelous to be involved in helping someone do something that is really necessary?

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