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Remembering My Father's Vest

--by behappyrightnow, posted Feb 21, 2015
As a child, I had a lot of pent-up anger and was not good at communicating constructively.

Once, as I was getting ready for school, my mother accidentally handed me my father's vest instead of mine.  This was around the time that I was getting to be larger in size than my father, and so as I put the vest, I felt like I was being choked in it!  I realized that it was a small oversight on my mother's part, but somehow the feeling of being choked overwhelmed me and filled me with anger.

Without thinking much, I took out my anger on my mother.  I was so upset that she had handed me the wrong vest, that I responded by violently ripping it apart from my chest!

Later, my mother shared her own frustration with my father: "See what your son has done."

Instead of scolding or abusing me, my father calmly  responded by asking my mother to stitch up the vest.   He then wore it to work the next day.

When mother told me about my father's response -- much later, when I had recovered from my fit -- I immediately felt a great sense of shame for my violent behavior, just imagining that he was spending the entire day wearing a torn vest.  At the same time, I was filled with great admiration for my father, whose gentle kindness taught me a life lesson I would never forget.

On that day, I took a resolve to never let anger get the better of me.  And whenever I falter, I try to remember my father's vest.
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MEDINAT wrote: This is a very good story that everyone should emulate thanks for sharing your story.
Geranium wrote: That is a beautiful and touching story. I am so glad that you shared it.
dhanke1 wrote: What a wonderful life lesson from your father. A man to follow his example. Thanks for sharing.
Laxmi wrote: What a bifetuaul story. Thanks for sharing that with the world, caroline. It brought me to tears. I think we all have these stories but don't always realize how important they are to tell to the world. The magic is in the ordinary details because that's where the connections are! Best wishes today and always.
monkeyinpajamas wrote: I will always remember this story when i get angry for small things.

Loved this one :-)
hotcocoa wrote: Sometimes memories can be a type of a punishment. You do good by punishing yourself to be a better you.

Thanks for the story.

God bless you :)
warmth wrote: It is very difficult to manage anger and you have succeeded in it. Kudos to u and thank u for sharing this kind story and setting an example. :)
arnee wrote: This is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing the valuable lesson that you have learned. I will always remember your story in times of need. Thank you!
GuessWhat wrote: Wow. Actions indeed speak louder than words :) i too, sometimes, have difficulty overcoming my anger and react badly to situations. I will try to remember your father's example when i get angry the next time!
angelwingz wrote: A very wise parent,we need more such wisdom. In our lives! Thanks for sharing.

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