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Sweet Honey

--by alisamom, posted Feb 25, 2017
A few weeks ago I noticed that my bees had all died. Unfortunately they had a rough summer and fall. But it's okay; it happens. 

I spent the last two weeks extracting what honey was left and cleaning everything up to be reused for the new bees this spring. The wax and wooden hardware need to be frozen in order to prevent them from being ruined by bugs until then, but our freezer is full.

So our friends let us use their freezer to store all the wax and hardware for a while, and in return I gave them a jar of honey as well as some cut comb honey. :)

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autumnsky38 wrote: I'm sorry that you lost your bees, but how lovely of you to give your friends the honey. I bet it tastes amazing!
Rajni wrote: Sweet compassionate heart gave honey to a friend. Job well done. Thanks for sharing.
Lilijourney wrote: 💗 raw honey. TY for your 🐝-you-ti-full ministry to help our declining bee population. Blessings
pyronik wrote: freezer kindness :-) your friends will benefit from your new bee colony too. I bet your honey is lush. Thank you
balou wrote: Sorry your bees died. I know it's nature, but it hurts nevertheless. Keeping bees is so important nowadays ... without your bees pollination would be far less ... insects have been dwindling those last years ... And for your neighbour it was probably a wonderful gift to receive a jar of honey!
Mish wrote: Bless the bees & those, like you, who tend them. ❤️🐝🐝❤️
splain wrote: So sorry to hear about your bees. I think they become so much a part of your life and like family. Big hug for you
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for gifting so generously with your honey. Lots of energy went into those jars!
leoladyc728 wrote: I know your neighbors will love the honey your bees had produced.

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