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An Elderly Woman's Cry Led To This Beautiful Act Of Kindness And Connection

--by splain, posted Sep 15, 2020
As I was walking around Residential care this afternoon, I heard a lot of yelling and crying coming from one of the rooms. I had actually tried to connect with this little lady a few weeks ago but she can't speak English and has dementia. A caregiver was in with her and speaking but the lady wasn't responding.

I took the lady into the bathroom and she was crying and looking in the mirror. To calm her down I started to brush her hair, it was soaking. The caregiver left and I grabbed a small towel and dried her hair as well as gently rubbing her head. She just kept crying and was terribly upset. So I wrapped my arms around her, rubbed her back and hugged her. At the same time, I was talking very quietly to her and rocking her.

She sobbed in my arms. When she calmed down I sat with her and then, as she was Italian I kissed both cheeks and her hands. She then returned that gesture to me. I said goodbye in Italian and she was happy. Her anguish had been heart-breaking. All she really needed was a big loving hug and reassurance. It must be terrible to live in a world that is so strange to her. I left feeling her love and I know she felt my love. This has to be one the most beautiful connections I have ever known.
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Helen C. Gennari wrote: The power of a compassionate hug~~there are no words to describe. One of the most devastating effects of this virus is the reality of not being able to hug others. I'm so grateful for the kindness of this woman. It blesses all of us.
Diane J Klish wrote: Thank you for caring enough to lift up a poor confused lost child of god.
May we all have the opportunity to make a difference in each others lives.
kalaa wrote: We need more kind and compassionate like you. Keep up the good work and may god bless you.
Nugget wrote: Such compassion and love! Bless you for taking the time and really "seeing and hearing" this lady!
1sher wrote: If each person added such a compassionate act everyday - we will get this ball rolling.
dirtroadsvt wrote: Tears in my eyes. Beautiful embodiment of love for others. If only we all practiced this. You inspire me to be more open to how i can help improve someone else's day. Thank you.
Chris Ameen wrote: Thank you for sharing your love with this woman who was struggling so. You were an angel to her that day, and you probably are to others as well. May you and the woman you cared for feel love and joy and peace all of your days!
autumnsky38 wrote: You are a lovely soul, and my heart is full after reading this beautiful story. Thank-you for sharing this and for giving something so precious to that dear lady.

Bless you, tracy
Virginia wrote: Such a grand gesture to comb her hair and led her sob while you held her. My brother (64) is in rehab from a motorcycle accident and so appreciates any little recognition he gets. When he got a new roommate recently i talked to the man (he'd had a stroke) and told him it was okay to be frustrated and to expect to get better. No one in his family had been able to get there as he was transferred so i just hung out for a bit while my brother was busy.
cabbage wrote: I have tears in my eyes reading your story. How profound the connection you made with her. How many folks are out in the world who just need to be seen and hugged? You are an angel, and a true embodiment of the divine. Mille grazie, and god bless you. I will never forget your inspiration.

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