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Stretching My Kindness Muscles

--by Annc, posted Mar 2, 2017
I recently joined a gardening club. When I received my first club newsletter, I noticed that the Editor was resigning. I love doing newsletters, so at the meeting last Thursday, I volunteered to take over as Editor if they needed someone.

Today I received a call from the president asking me to take over another project instead. I almost said no, because this project does not sound nearly as fun as producing the newsletter and it will be a lot of work.

But I realized that the new project was important and one that I could do -- and that the KIND thing to do was to say yes. So I stretched my kindness muscles and agreed to take on the project.
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Readers Comments

deblopez4u wrote: You certainly will be blessed
mindyjourney wrote: Proud of your YES, dear ann :))). Well done for stepping up and doing <3. Thank you.
leoladyc728 wrote: you might love this new assignment. you never know
splain wrote: Ann you will be great at this. Good on you for doing it.
Mish wrote: See how it goes for you. You will know if it's good for you. Bless.
Painiacs wrote: Wow!! Good for you! Not always easy to jump in and do something out of our comfort zone but you did it! Just do your best and have fun!!!!!
DANCE wrote: yeayyyy, hope you'll enjoy it too

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