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Shine Brighter

--by Mish, posted Mar 5, 2017
Dealing with the gal at the front desk at the doctor's office is sometimes less than pleasant. She can be quite off-putting and not at all welcoming. It can make a stressful time even more stressful. 

So, today, when we walked in the office, we were determined not to allow our light to be dimmed by her energy. We smiled at her and complimented her about the flowers on her desk. She smiled and chatted back.

We just need to shine brighter instead of being "reactive". Perhaps she's doing the best she can. We needed to be less reactive to her and more compassionate. We give away our power when we allow ourselves to be reactive.
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Sandra Miller wrote: So glad you posted this kindness message - empathy goes a long way in mood distress - your cherry and complimentary attitude perhaps warded the tension she was experiencing; be the initiator of smiles (as you were) and brighten someone's day
Virginia wrote: It must be hard to be the front desk person at a doctor's office. Much of the time people aren't happy to be there and probably don't offer a smile or extend much courtesy themselves. Good reminder.
Chris wrote: Ah, the power of a smile and its kindness. We never know what weight someone might be carrying. We have the choice to add to,it, or make it a bit easier to bear. So good that you make the conscious choice to ease her day! Thanks for the reminder!
cabbage wrote: So true---thank you for sharing this insight---i will remember it next time i'm faced with a grouch :-)
AndiCas wrote: Yesss, shine brighter. Love this message Mish.
splain wrote: I would like to say I would have done this , I really would. But sometimes I think people like this need to be made aware of how they are coming across to others.Now saying that, it can be done in a kind way.
Painiacs wrote: Glad you were positive and bright
Rajni wrote: Smiles can conquer everything and you proved it.
Marleen wrote: May it perk her up in so many ways!
mindyjourney wrote: yes, putting out the energy before it goes negative is such a great way to handle! Well done <3.

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