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Carrying Love Half Way Around The World

--by wayfarer, posted Jun 14, 2009

The postie has just delivered a letter. It's from a friend in a far away land. Inside is a note, a list of "I Believes" and a beautiful bookmark.

I've been sitting here for the past five minutes at a loss for words. Not because of the gift, although it is sweet, not because of the thought, although that is also appreciated, but because my friend took that thought and that gift and put them into action, in a way that carried love half way around the world.

That's an awesome thing, and, well, it's a lot to take in.

So, I'll digress a little and mention one of the "I Believes." My friend says, "I Believe ... that your life can be changed by people who don't even know you." In a very real way, that's what you all out there in HelpOthersland are doing. You change the lives of the people you help, but you also change the lives of the people you share with on this site. We're becoming a family, for the best of all possible reasons. Thank you all for that.

And to my friend, I Believe ... you have changed my life!

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anna wrote: I rally like thiz story
Jacinda wrote: Wayfarer thank you so much for touching my heart. I'm sure you have touched many lives with your amazing stories. I love reading your stories! I too love lovebugs comment "if love is not the answer i misunderstand the question" hope you have a wonderful day. Smiles, jacinda :)
mariette wrote: Beautiful i believe! And i am touched by the beauty and awe you express for the gesture. That's so much power in having our socks knocked off by these everyday joys
Norman wrote: Great, simply said, we are agents of change.
cabbage wrote: Dear wayfarer,
You have touched more lives than you can imagine. And i am glad you shared this special gift with all of us.

Love and hugs,
Modestobob wrote: Wayfarer, poignant and important thought today. I've believed in you for over a year now, and believe that people we don't know very well, can & do change our lives daily. Angels watching over us come in various shapes & sizes. You are an angel wayfarer! :) modestobob
iferlamb wrote: I love lovebug's comment! "love is the answer, now what is your question? " i love it! Thank you all for sharing you are a wonderful family! I am sending you smiles.
KELVIN wrote: Will i believe to help to help someone is very very good and it is very nursery for you help. When you that that your friend is in need and you have you have to give it out okay. Well i am also looking for help to well i am from africa ghana i want to live africa and come to london and go to school erny who is ready to help i am going to love that person the word will end. Thank you my regard to all off you that is will to help i am an offhand i have no farther but i have mother and i brother.
onefish2fish wrote: wow that is really great! I love the I believe concept. what a wonderful friend you have
lmil1954 wrote: I believe even though my computer is down, I still "feel" all the love every day that I have received over time from all of you at this place! Helpothers and smile, so much said! Love, linda:)

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