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A Man We Will Never Know

--by ArmyGrl, posted Jun 19, 2009

Twelve years ago yesterday, my mother gave birth to the most beautiful little girl.  We were a broken family with little money.  We were given the news that this little girl, who was three and a half months premature, would only have 14 days on this earth.  It's hard to understand what kind of feeling you have when you find out that you're losing something that you don't even know. 

As time went on, the number of days kept growing, which gave us hope.  When they said that we could take her home, that's when realization hit.  We had no money. 

I am from a small town with small hospitals, but when you don't have money, you just don't have it.  My mother tried for days to get the money, but came up pennyless each time.  The case worker was even doing her best.  It's sad that it almost felt like we had to buy a baby from the hospital. 

One day the case worker walked into her boss's office to try again.  As she walked out, let down yet again, out of no where a man walked up to her.  He handed her a handful of money and said, "Please give this to the lady in need, so she can take her daughter home."  She looked down at her hand with tears in her eyes.  As she looked back up to thank him, he was gone.  They searched all over the hospital and he was no where to be found. 

Thanks to the guy that I will never know, me and my mother got to take home that beautiful baby girl that was only given 14 days to live, to celebrate her 12th birthday yesterday.  I am grateful to this man and feel that his act of kindness should be shared with everyone.

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xincheng wrote: Hope that such a love relay will continue ceaselessly
mtalii wrote: Anonymous kindness. Giving without seeking glorification or something in return or even getting noticed. May the girl live to celebrate her 1001st birthday.

A great story.
charles wrote: It sets my emotion on the loose coz it just made me realize that am not kind nor generous enough and thus am lacking the real essence of humanity
Rec_1991 wrote: What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing.
Sydney wrote: This story has really touched me. What an incredible gesture by an anonymous kind stranger.
sethi wrote: Thank you for sharing. The silent donor.

God bless him.
emurei wrote: Children are from god,so he knew that child from the time he inception in her mothers womb. He has better plans for each and every humanbeing. Glory and honor goes to god for touching the man.
madhur wrote: Reading your story, i felt that i should help more often and more genrously. May be someone is really in big need.

Thanks for sharing.
hotcocoa wrote: Angel i would say.

Thanks for sharing this story :)
God bless.

I know he did in the pst ;)
Nikhilendu Shekhar wrote: We must believe that good people are still @ earth with and for good cause. So, everybody must understand that they need to be also good for others. It is bilateral - good for good

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