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The Giving Tree

--by cabbage, posted Jul 2, 2009

Many of you may have read Shel Silverstein's classic story "The Giving Tree" about a tree which gives everything of herself to a boy she loves. (If you haven't read it, please do and share it with a child!)

During my childhood, my mother's friend gave the book to me and my brother.  Many years later, I discovered a card that accompanied the gift--it said "The tree reminds me of your mother".  I was so touched by this that I taped the card to the inside of the book.

Over the years (like in the story) I have watched my mother give selflessly, to her kids, family, neighbors and friends.  Even when she had a serious illness earlier this year, she continued with her volunteer work, cooking for sick friends, and walking for various causes.  She does it all without any fuss and everyone knows they can always count on her--because she is always there. 

As time goes by, I see her as "The Giving Tree" (like her friend wrote in the note so many years ago) and my aim in life is to be even half the "tree" that she is.  I am blessed to have her and even though she doesn't live close by, we talk every day and I try to learn from her example. 

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iferlamb wrote: That sounds like a sweet story. Thank you for sharing it. I will read it. What a wonderful example your mother is! Smiles.
wayfarer wrote: I hope you share this touching story with her too, Cabbage. Lovely!
FairyBubbles wrote: Hi, you are already the giving tree!
Lots of love
sethi wrote: Your mother has lots of abundance within her which she shares with everybody around her. God bless her with a long life.

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