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A Cold And Windy Day

--by alisamom, posted Apr 1, 2017
Today my daughter and I met friends at a parking lot to sell them some of our eggs. It's a cold day. A really cold wind. I don't even want to go outside.

As we pulled into the parking lot, there was a man sitting on the curb, holding his bike, and he held up a paper plate on which he had scribbled "will work for food".

He was still sitting there as we left the parking lot, and I asked my daughter "should we get him some food or some money?" and she said "yes, lets".

So I pulled up next to him, got out of the car, and gave him all my egg money. I still had another dozen eggs in the car, and asked if he wanted them, but he said no, he still had half a dozen and he didn't want things to go to waste.

I felt frozen through and through just standing there talking with him for a minute, and he must be sitting there for hours.
I'm glad we stopped, I'm glad I got out of the car and talked with him for a minute.

I hope he has a warm place to sleep tonight.
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Rajni wrote: Very inspiring act even on colder day when no one wanted to go out. You and your daughter have very warm heart to beat any kind of cold weathers. Thanks for sharing this. It will go on fb and in my daily inspiring emails as well.
shellspire wrote: how thoughtful
patjos wrote: thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: Glad you did too, my friend :))). Thank you and your daughter (and your chickens too) for helping the man in need!
Mish wrote: Brutal weather to be homeless in. May he find a warm shelter. Thank you for helping him get money for food.
horsegirl21 wrote: Thanks for helping him and chatting with him too
splain wrote: Nice one Alisamom.
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you so much for helping this man and making his day a little brighter
Novice50 wrote: What a beautiful share from you and your daughter. Blessings.
kjoyw wrote: True loving kindness!

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