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A Kindness Role Model For My Daughter

--by lewski711, posted Apr 9, 2017
Today was a gift. Since starting the 'Random Act of Kindness Challenge' in 2012, I have been a lot more aware of others and trying to be helpful.

My youngest daughter knows this, but has not seen it in action much. Today I took her on two errands and she saw me give a guy holding a "Hungry" sign a water bottle and bag of trail mix from my car's "Helper Bag". Then, we saw a dad and his two kids asking for help, and I bought them all sandwiches.

This was not all that miraculous, but I really appreciated my daughter's reaction. She said, "I know you say you do this kind of stuff, but it's amazing to actually watch it." I think this kind of modeling will lead to her helping others as well. 

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Lilijourney wrote: Our children are always watching, and we are their role models- kind or unkind.
leoladyc728 wrote: your daughter will so remember your acts of kindness
splain wrote: I think she is very proud of her mum
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for guiding by example :)))). We are blessed to realize the beauty of those seeds! Great job Dad!
Rajni wrote: Job well done. Thanks for posting.
Mish wrote: You are an AWESOME role model, Lewski.
horsegirl21 wrote: you are an amazing role model for your daughter, Thank you for your acts of kindness:))
NatalieSmith wrote: I think ur action taught your daughter a lot in life and she will be the same to help others
cabbage wrote: You are an awesome role model for your daughter! Big hugs to you both :-)

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