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When Other's Pain Is Your Pain And You Can't Help But Reach Out

--by kmbhai, posted Apr 6, 2017
I had an opportunity to help out a young a girl, who is admitted in a hospital for the treatment of cancer disease. She's only teenager and suffering from cancer in her hip. Her parents are a daily wage laborers and live in a small village in India. They feel very overwhelmed and don't have any knowledge about this disease and treatment.

They were very helpless. When I heard about this, I visited the hospital, met with them and their girl. I talked with the doctors for all possibilities to which the doctor replied it is very crucial case.  There is risk of death but that they will try to their best to save her life.

I donated some money to her parents and also arranged for her to received a unit of blood for her, which she desperately needed.  I hope that she will defeat the cancer and win back her life.

May god bless her, may she live a long life and have prosperity.

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autumnsky38 wrote: Thank-you so much for helping this precious girl and her family. I'll be sending prayers and good thoughts for them. (((Hugs)))
Helenconnell2 wrote: Praying for her and her parents too. Thank you for your wonderful kindness.
healingtree wrote: Sending healing thoughts to this lovely girl and her family. Thank you so much for giving them extra care and attention. She needs people like you in her life right now. ❤☆❤️
patjos wrote: Would she appreciate any "Thinking of you" type cards, as we could possibly send to you and you deliver?
splain wrote: Wonderful kindness kmbhai. Such a hard time for her and her family.
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for reaching out -- this is so kind of you!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being a mediator and support for this dear girl and her family. Holding her in my prayers.
balou wrote: Thank you, kmbhai! Such great kindness from you! Thinking amily!
Mish wrote: Bless you Kmbhai. Holding her & her family in prayer 🙏
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for being their for this sweet child. She is in my prayers.

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