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$0.00 restaurant bill

--by rak92, posted Apr 7, 2017
After being affected by a company lay off and in the thick of looking for another job frantically, I was at a restaurant - which I used to frequently visit and knew all the staff.  The waiter asks me "Hey Rak, you find a job yet?" To which i answered "Nah, but I've sent out tons of resumes, i'm hopeful I'll get one soon".

At the end of my meal, he gives me the check, which read $0.00. I was TOUCHED by kindness.  I looked up and he winked at me and said "This one's on us". There are some BEAUTIFUL people in this world - Knowing how GREAT this feels to be the receiver, encouraged me to do the same going forward (paying it forward).
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rak92 wrote: Thank you all! - Yup, within 3 months I'd found a job - I will never forget this moment. Such great human spirits and kind hearts we have in this World. Love it!
Alisamom wrote: I just saw this story featured on the Facebook kind spring page. What a wonderful act of kindness! Have you found a job yet?
Mish wrote: How touchingly kind!! Thank you for sharing this. I am sure it was some of your kindness coming back to you too :)❤️
rak92 wrote: Thank you Mish... You know, i've ALWAYS appreciated how hard people in the restaurant industry work to make sure our visit is a great dining experience. Even at the end of the day after waiting so many tables, they still smile and greet you with open arms. I feel it's very important to acknowledge this, and let them know how appreciated they are. By the way, I LOVE this site!!
Madronaman wrote: Guy knows how to make loyal customers!
mindyjourney wrote: At one time and another we ALL are givers and receivers :))). So nice to hear of this and envisioning a just-right job for you :)
balou wrote: Kindness coming back at you :-) Wonderful! And I do hope you'll find a new (and good) job as quick as possible!
Rajni wrote: Keeping hope alive is very good. Your kindness reciprocated. Thank God and move on with resolve to pay it forward. Thanks
autumnsky38 wrote: Terrific and I will keep you and your job search in my thoughts and prayers. 😊
splain wrote: Well it is obvious that you have found some lovely connections with the staff at this restaurant. Says so much about you. What a wonderful thing they did for you. Good people

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