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Just 35 cents

--by lewski711, posted Apr 11, 2017
Just 35 cents can make a day. I taped this card to one of those water-filling machines. As I drove away I saw someone heading to the machine.

First instinct: stop and see his reaction, but then I remembered it's the journey, not the destination, that counts. So, I just kept driving and imagined his reaction to my 35 cent RAOK.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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Rajni wrote: We can't live without water. Your kindness will make someone's life joyful.
niyati206 wrote: Inspiring!
greenurlifenow wrote: What a great idea!

Well done! Inspiring!
splain wrote: Nice one
kjoyw wrote: Great kindness!
lt33 wrote: My goodness your water filling machine only costs .35 cents? Where u from? Nice gift of kindness
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for doing this
pyronik wrote: well done for resisting :-) & thank you for the kindness
Mish wrote: 👍
mindyjourney wrote: Nice!

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