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Her Grandmother Has Dementia, But Her Friend's Act Of Kindness Was Unforgetable

--by AndiCas, posted Apr 10, 2017
This photo wouldn't mean much to you, but it meant a huge amount to my Grandmum who suffers a little dementia and doesn't go out much anymore.

When I arrived in the UK on the first leg of my recent trip, the person who met me at the airport was one of my wonderful friends from KindSpring. She was able to give me an old phone which was a fabulous kindness to me as I'd previously told her I'd be having to leave mine at home as I share it with my partner.

It was massively valuable as I could keep in touch with people, but it's worth rocketed when I visited my Grandmum soon after. As I said, she doesn't really get out any more. I took the phone with me when I went out for a walk, and used it to take snaps of all the landmarks I passed. When I got back, we looked at all the photos and she told me some wonderful memories built up over 90 years of living in a town she no longer sees.

So, Kindspring friend, your kindness to me turned into an amazing kindness for my grandmum. Sadly, her condition probably means she's forgotten already, but I haven't and I think you're fab.
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gardengal10 wrote: Having lived with people with dementia, I would only like to say that there is nothing wrong with living in the moment and your grandmum certainly relished that moment with you.
splain wrote: gardengal got this one so spot on. Yes it is really all about the "moment" with dementia. You will have lovely memories of this time with your Grandmum
kiwicat wrote: That is fantastic. Im really glad your meeting went well, and how thoughtful to give you a phone!
mindyjourney wrote: Such a lovely connection and beautiful moments :)). Many tx to your KS friend and to YOU for sharing with us :)).
autumnsky38 wrote: (((AndiCas))) Such a nice story. Hugs to you, your KS friend, and your dear grandmum.
Lilijourney wrote: Live well and make memories (((AndiCas)))))🤗
healingtree wrote: Lovelyphoto and lovely piece to read...thank you for writing this and for caring for your Grandmum so well, and to your KS friend for looking after you, and to your Grandmum for just being herself. xxx
leoladyc728 wrote: so very glad you got the phone from a wonderful KS member. Also that you got to spend time with your precious grandmother.
woodrose wrote: 💕 I have worked with people with dementia, we were taught that while they may forget events the the feelings of happiness stay with them 💕
Mish wrote: ((((Andi)))) ❤️

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