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She Took Her Elderly Lady Friend Out To a Place She Hadn't Been To In Years

--by splain, posted Apr 15, 2017
Yesterday was such a good day. One of the ladies I visit in Residential care, who has no family to speak of, came to the Pub with me. I have been trying to get this going for some time. We went to the local pub on the lake and after I had got permission that it was ok, ordered her a beautiful glass of red wine. She had a big plate of hot chips and so enjoyed it.

She hasn't had a drink in years. This used to be what she so loved to do. We made it really casual and are going to do this one day every week. When I took her back to the Residential care she said " thank you, this has been absolutely the best time I have had in years. So enjoyed the quiet, looking at the ducks, hot chips and that good glass of red". This was something so simple but really good for her to do. Can't wait to repeat it.
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mindyjourney wrote: Now that, my dear friend, was an afternoon well spent! Thank you for doing and enjoying it so :)))
horsegirl21 wrote: what a lovely day for both of you!
leoladyc728 wrote: fabulous day for both of you. thank you for doing this.
autumnsky38 wrote: Oh you are a love! I bet she had a wonderful time and I'm sure you did too!
kiwicat wrote: Please take me out!!!!
Mish wrote: Yes, me tooooo :)))))))
kjoyw wrote: How very wonderful for you to do this for her! Sounds like a great day!

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