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Kindness Is Like A Boomerang

--by lt33, posted Apr 26, 2017
Kindness is like a boomerang. I found this mysterious note in an envelope marked: "To You". I opened the card up and I knew by the writing it had to be a little kid who left it in my mailbox this morning.
I was passing out little rainbow cards that said "I thought of you today" to patients I visited at the independent living place a year ago and it was like kindness was coming back to me. This note made a great start to my morning.

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mindyjourney wrote: How sweet is that?? Wonderful kindness boomerang, my friend :))). Amazing world this!
patjos wrote: :))))))))))
andicas wrote: Made me smile too! Love it ♡
healingtree wrote: Totally love-ly. Imagine the joy in that child's mind as they created this surprise for you!
Mish wrote: How perfect a circle of kindness 👍❤️
autumnsky38 wrote: Aww that's great!
leoladyc728 wrote: that was a lovely surprise for you

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